Book 5: Foot soldier of the constitution: A memoir by Teesta Setalvad


This book is the 5th one I completed this year. Teesta, I discovered triumphantly, is the name of a river which ‘ flows fearlessly’ in Bangladesh. Teesta Setalvad is a human rights activist and a journalist who serves as a voice of the voiceless in India. She has briefly given an account of  her ongoing struggle against inequalities in our society, especially  the ones imposed and organised by the ruling government against minorities.  As far as the narration is concerned, the book is a disappointment because of the repetition of facts in a boring manner which kills the joy of reading. Many of the facts presented by her were already known because they have already been published in alternative media from time to time.

But I would not dare to discourage reading this book even if it has many blemishes from a literary point of view. This book shares the story of a woman who stands by what she believes. I am not sure of my own ability to fight for any cause to such an extent that I would be able to survive all the threats, hatred and still continue to wage a war. I salute the belligerent spirit in people like her. The strength to resist even in an unfavourable environment  is the real strength. It feels good to read about people who still uphold justice and equality as the highest of all virtues that human beings can possess.


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