Book 1: The Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain


I wish to believe that every book, like every individual, has a personal journey. At some particular point in time, when our paths cross, a book meets us. Reading is, after all about meeting. Every book we read opens up the possibility of infinite number of meetings. Meeting new people, new places and so on. When I read , “I do not want the book to end. It is beautiful, graceful & emotionally draining. A brilliant read”, written by a friend on Facebook, I scheduled my ‘meeting’ with Gustav in The Gustav Sonata. This book holds a special place in my heart because this is the first book I finished reading this year after I took up the Goodreads reading challenge for 2017. The book written by Rose Tremain is about two boys who were childhood friends, taking a lifetime to realise the true nature and purpose of their relationship. The story is set in Switzerland and begins in 1937, when the Swiss were anxious and terrified about the imminent German invasion. The author captures the complexities of human lives and emotions in simple emotionally appealing words. She proves her capability of being an extraordinary story teller by being non judgmental in narration. Every character portrayed in this book can never be imagined to be otherwise. This book with 258 pages is a good read to start a new year. I read more about the history of Switzerland just because the setting was Switzerland in this novel. I have many friends who consider fiction reading as ‘ non serious’ reading and ‘non fiction’ as serious reading. I have never understood how they differentiate ‘serious’ and ‘non serious’. To them I wish to tell that I would not have cared a damn about the history of Switzerland and its people had I not come across this book. Rose Tremain could do what many ‘serious’ people could not!


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